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Junk food is not good for your dental health. Shocker, right? However, did you know that your dental health could have a bigger impact on your overall health than you realize. In moderation junk food is not terrible, who doesn't need an additional treat? That being said, too much of these foods can cause problems to your oral health which can ultimately impact your entire body. Everyone in our office in Kettering, OH want our patients to live the healthiest lives possible.

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Junk food is fine as an occasional treat, but it's best to avoid eating too much of it.

Junk food is fine as an occasional treat, but it's best to avoid eating too much of it. Not only can it cause cavities, but it may also increase your chances of getting periodontal disease. Gum disease can both weaken your bone structure and cause an inflammatory response, putting you at risk for heart disease and other conditions.
Foods with excess sugar and corn syrup are everywhere, including candy and soft drinks. And even diet drinks can cause problems, thanks to the high acid levels that can damage your teeth. Ultimately, the best way to remain healthy is to limit your intake of these kinds of junk foods.

For more information about promoting good oral health, visit the American Dental Association, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Nobody wants bad breath.  Due to this, you should be brushing your teeth. Why? It is imperative in fighting bad breath.  You brush your teeth in order to break up and clean your teeth of bacteria, but these bacterias also exist on your tongue and need to be treated as well.

BrushTongueToPreventBadBreathKetteringDaytonThe surface of your tongue is covered with papillae which can shelter bacteria. As these bacteria are often responsible for bad mouth odors, leaving them undisturbed can result in bad breath (halitosis). For this reason, you should take a moment to brush or scrape your tongue during your regular brushing routine.

Cleaning your tongue also helps get rid of bad breath caused by acid reflux, smoking and lingering particles from food.

Here are some tips for brushing your tongue:

• Brush your tongue twice a day
• Use some toothpaste, as this helps to remove bacteria
• Brush gently, so as not to damage your tongue
• Rinse your mouth thoroughly afterward (consider using mouth wash as well)

For a much more detailed look at how to clean your tongue, visit Animated-Teeth.com's page on the subject. For more tips on oral hygiene, follow Wilmington Family Dental on Facebook and Twitter.

tooth whitening - foods that stain teeth

Tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances found in the human body.  However, while strong, it is easily stained fur to microscopic edges that trap particles of food and drink like coffee, sodas, and teas.  When particles get trapped from beverages like those it makes your teeth look like they are stained.

There are a number of processed foods which can stain your teeth, due to the food coloring they use. Some examples include tomato sauce, popsicles and fruit juices. The general rule of thumb here is that if it would stain your carpet, it can probably stain your teeth.

To help prevent stains and keep your teeth looking their whitest, nothing beats regular brushing and flossing, and visits with Dr. Hallock. If you're interested in teeth whitening options, make an appointment to see us at Wilmington Family Dental in Kettering, OH to find out what's right for you.