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The following are five of the most common triggers of tooth sensitivity.

1. Dental Trauma - You may experience pain in your tooth if it has been injured, bruised, or cracked in any way shape or form. In some cases even having your teeth cleaned or a filling done may trigger receptiveness. Tenderness to trauma may take weeks or even months in order to recede.

2. Uneven Bite - When a tooth or teeth are hitting prematurely or too hard simply because the teeth have moved, and your bite has transformed, it can inflict sensitivity. These particular changes can possibly be due to reasons including thumb sucking, loss of bone structure, or a tooth being removed and the other teeth repositioning into the empty space etc. Again a bite correction normally corrects the problem.tooth sensitivity Wilmington Ohio Dentist

3. Dental Decay - The tooth commonly ends up being sensitive to hot or cold, desserts, or acidic food when a tooth is worn away considering that bacteria have accessibility to the nerve of the tooth. Removal of the decay and a filling is required to address this matter.

4. Dental Infection - The sensation could be extreme in the case that there is infection within the tooth. Treatment is probably called for to heal the infection or it can certainly result not only in severe pain, but harmful dental health problems.

5. Dentinal Sensitivity - Revealed dentin is by far one of the most typical reason for tooth sensitivity. It appears when the dentin (the inner coating of a tooth) is subjected. People with a wholesome, thick coating of enamel on their teeth usually do not typically endure tooth sensitivity. The enamel could be worn away from various factors, considering that the density of enamel fluctuates from one person to another. Dentin is a sponge-like component containing small tubes that hook up the root canal space pulp to the exterior of the dentin. If the enamel on the tooth is compromised the dentin could be made vulnerable, resulting in sensitivity

Teeth can become sensitive for various causes ranging from trauma to dental disease. The initial step in managing sensitive teeth is to determine the trigger.

Stay tuned to our upcoming blog when we will assess The various elements that trigger dental sensitivity. If you would like to make an appointment at our office in Wilmington, OH please feel free to contact us.

Tooth Sensitivity DaytonTooth Sensitivity is an issue that many people face, in fact 50% of people have issues with sensitivity in their teeth.  These issues can arise from many different activities like eating or drinking something hot or cold or sweet or sour. The pain could be light or intense, quick or remain for several hours.

Dental sensitivity ranges from weak unpleasantness to extreme pain that might be temporary or long-lived, and may come and go in time. Biting into something, or drinking hot or cold beverages may set off dental sensitivity. Although some tooth sensitivity can be treated easily, others may be a sign of a much more serious mouth trouble, including trauma or disease.

In case that you are going through tooth sensitivity, call Dr. Hallock today in order to request a consultation at our practice in Kettering, OH. Dr. Hallock will help figure out the source of tooth sensitivity and provide treatment techniques and methods.

Watch for our upcoming post regarding dental sensitivity, in which our team explores the problem in greater detail.