Some Foods and Beverages Leave Stains Your Teeth

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the human body. However, tooth enamel also has microscopic ridges that trap particles from darkly-pigmented food and drinks like coffee, tea and cola. These drinks are major contributors as to why you don't have whiter teeth. These can leave stains on your teeth, resulting in a discolored look to your originally white teeth. Soft drinks are also highly acidic, and can damage your enamel as well.Whiter Teeth Dayton OH

In addition to darkly-pigmented drinks there are a number of processed foods which can stain your teeth. This is due to the food coloring they use for their color. Some examples include tomato sauce, popsicles/sherbet and some fruit juices. A good rule to keep in mind regarding foods that can stain your teeth is: if you think it would stain your carpet it will probably stain your teeth.

To help prevent stains and keep your teeth looking their whitest, nothing beats routine brushing and flossing, and visits to see Dr. Hallock at Wilmington Family Dental. If you're interested in teeth whitening options, contact us to make an appointment at our office in Kettering, OH to find out what's right for you.

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