Enhance Your Oral Health By Avoiding Certain Foods

Everybody loves to snack. However, it is important to remember that those chips or cookies you’ve been eyeing up may do harm to your teeth. These foods can be detrimental for your oral health.

Below is a list of nine foods that can do the most harm to your teeth from mouthhealthy.org:

1. Ice: No, not putting it in your drink to keep cold but chewing on the ice is harmful to your teeth. The reason for this is that your teeth can feel vulnerable right after chewing on ice. Due to it being a hard substance, it could possibly damage tooth enamel as well.Drinks Bad For Your Oral Health

2. Soda: Soda is often correlated with having high amounts of sugar. If left untreated the plaque on your teeth use these sugars and assault your tooth enamel.

3. Chewy foods: Foods like gummies stay on your teeth longer than normal foods. Due to this, they are more likely to cause tooth decay and other problems. After you consume these kinds of foods, you should brush and floss your teeth.

4. Crunchy foods: Foods like the classic potato chip are more likely to leave particles of food behind in your teeth. These particles can then cause many issues for your oral health.

5. Citric Foods: Foods that have a high amount of citric acid, like fruit and juices, can be extremely harmful to your teeth. The acid in the food is more likely to wear the tooth enamel down leaving your teeth extremely vulnerable.

6. Alcohol Consumption: In excess, alcohol causes dehydration which leads to dry mouth. If you suffer from dry mouth you are more likely to deal with cavities and additional oral health problems such as periodontitis.

7. Coffee: Like alcohol, the caffeine in coffee can dehydrate you and cause dry mouth. That paired with the sweetener you put in your coffee can lead to an increased chance of dental cavities.

8. Hard Candies: Everyone loves that sweet hard candy. However, due to the hardness and high sugar concentration they can be the cause of dental emergencies like a cracked tooth.

9. Sports Drinks: While exercising they are tremendous for you. However, they are high in sugars and if consumed regularly, can cause problems.

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