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Dr. S. Zak Hallock
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Teeth Whitening in Kettering

We believe everyone deserves to feel confident when they smile.

For some, this is easily accomplished through custom take-home trays and whitening gel and can be done anytime throughout the day, allowing you to choose when to complete the treatment. Ideal candidates are those who have noticed discoloration due to habits (smoking, coffee, wine, or tea), age, wear, or medications.

Individuals who have had dental work on front teeth will need to discuss with Dr. Hallock to determine if they are viable candidates since dental work will not whiten. However, whitening is often completed prior to the replacement of any existing dental work so your smile will look its best once the work is done.

How it works:

Whitening is safe for teeth and it is recommended that trays are worn for two hours a day for two weeks depending on desired individual results. Your custom fabricated trays will be delivered to you in our office after an initial impression is completed. We will demonstrate proper home usage techniques at that appointment. It is normal to experience temperature sensitivity while whitening. If this occurs we recommend shortening the time you wear the trays or skipping days between treatments. Sensitivity should stop once the whitening is completed. You will see brighter and whiter teeth once the treatment is complete, and because you will have custom trays, you can freshen up your smile whenever you want.

Whitening is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to improve your smile. It will not damage teeth and can be done at home at your convenience.

Learn more about whitening your teeth at home:

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