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Dr. S. Zak Hallock
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About Your Teeth

Everybody has two sets of teeth in their lives.

The first set, your primary, or baby, teeth, begin to grow when you are six to eight months old. This process, known as teething, lasts until age three, when you will have twenty baby teeth.

The second set, your secondary, permanent teeth, begins to emerge when you are six. They continue to grow and replace your baby teeth during childhood until you are twelve, when your twelve year molars grow in. A third set of molars, your wisdom teeth, begin to grow in your teens, usually when you are 16 or 17. Including your wisdom teeth, you have 32 permanent teeth.

The sharp teeth at the front of your mouth are your incisors, they and the sharp teeth next to them, the canines, allow you to bite food. Behind the canines are your bicuspids and molars, used in chewing your food.