Tooth Sensitivity DaytonTooth Sensitivity is an issue that many people face, in fact 50% of people have issues with sensitivity in their teeth.  These issues can arise from many different activities like eating or drinking something hot or cold or sweet or sour. The pain could be light or intense, quick or remain for several hours.

Dental sensitivity ranges from weak unpleasantness to extreme pain that might be temporary or long-lived, and may come and go in time. Biting into something, or drinking hot or cold beverages may set off dental sensitivity. Although some tooth sensitivity can be treated easily, others may be a sign of a much more serious mouth trouble, including trauma or disease.

In case that you are going through tooth sensitivity, call Dr. Hallock today in order to request a consultation at our practice in Kettering, OH. Dr. Hallock will help figure out the source of tooth sensitivity and provide treatment techniques and methods.

Watch for our upcoming post regarding dental sensitivity, in which our team explores the problem in greater detail.