Fixed Bridges

When a tooth cannot be restored or is already missing, there are two primary treatment choices to replace missing teeth. A fixed partial denture, known as a bridge, is one of those choices. A bridge places crowns on the two adjacent teeth with a fused crown in between, thus bridging the empty space in the patient's mouth.

In addition to restoring chewing function, a bridge prevents teeth from drifting out of place, which can cause significant changes in the occlusion or bite of the patient and leading to long-term complications.

Esthetically, a bridge looks natural and will fill out facial structures by supporting a patient's lip or cheek, if you and your dentist decide that a bridge is your treatment choice then you can expect to have two visits.

The first will require the preparation of the adjacent teeth analong with an impression of the prepared teeth. You will leave that appointment with a temporary bridge that you will wear during the fabrication of your restoration. Once the lab has fabricated the bridge, you will return to the office to have the bridge fixed into the mouth. We will check to make sure the bridge fits appropriately, and that your bite is comfortable before cementing the bridge into the mouth.