Oral Wellness Visit

Oral Wellness Visit

So much more than just a cleaning!

We believe that one of the keys to lifetime oral health and wellness is our oral wellness visit every six months. Many people refer to this as a cleaning or prophylaxis, but in our dental office in Kettering, OH this scheduled visit is so much more!

After arrival and check-in, you will be greeted by your dental hygienist, who will manage your oral wellness visit. Your hygienist will review your medical history, take your blood pressure, and identify any concerns you may have. In addition, your hygienist will take any necessary digital x-rays, perform an initial dental exam, as well as an oral cancer screening. Once a year your hygienist will evaluate your periodontal health, as the health of your gums and the bone beneath is the supporting structure of your teeth.

If there are any concerns, he or she will take intra-oral photographs so that you can see what Dr. Hallock will evaluate. This allows you to visualize any concerns Dr. Hallock will share with you. Your hygienist will then provide you with the appropriate treatment based upon their findings of your oral health. The regular care of your teeth is a very important aspect of your overall health.

Throughout this process, your hygienist will identify problem areas and review your homecare so that you can achieve or maintain optimal oral health.

At Wilmington Family Dental we also offer fluoride treatments to all patients to help prevent decay and rebuild areas of demineralization.

Before leaving, Dr. Hallock will review all the data gathered during your visit and review any concerns identified in the initial exam that was completed by your hygienist. If further treatment is needed, our treatment coordinator will answer any questions regarding your insurance and any portion of financial responsibility before scheduling you for your return visit.

We believe that the Oral Wellness Visit is a key to optimal oral health and research supports that belief.

In fact, patients spend less time and money on dental treatment when they are seen by their dentist and hygienist every six months. Regular dental visits are important because we can educate patients on how to avoid dental problems and should a problem occur, treat it before it becomes a source of pain and additional expense for the patient.