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Dr. S. Zak Hallock
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Orthodontics In Kettering

Have you ever wanted straight teeth but don't want to have to wear braces?

Did you have braces as a child but no longer have straight teeth?
Have you noticed that your teeth are chipping or showing signs of wear?
Do you feel as if you can't floss or brush properly because of crowded teeth in your mouth?

Orthodontic treatment is not just for improved esthetics/appearance. Misaligned teeth can cause:

  • Gum Disease
  • Uneven or rapid wear of teeth
  • Fracture of teeth
  • Tempromandibular Joint Disorder


If you want to align your teeth, what are some of the ways you can accomplish this?

Currently there are two primary treatment choices. The first is with wire and brackets and the second is with aligners.

In our office we offer Invisalign orthodontic therapy.

We believe that Invisalign is an ideal choice to treat many orthodontic challenges. This is done through a series of clear aligners that are worn all day except when eating and drinking. Each aligner creates very slight movement which is comfortable for the patient. The aligners are almost unnoticeable when wearing them and don't interfere with speech. There are no food restrictions while in treatment. Because the aligners are removable, proper oral hygiene is easily maintained throughout treatment. Invisalign treatment is often faster than traditional orthodontics and there are no documented instances of root resorption from this type of orthodontic therapy.

Invisalign is a wonderful way for both adults and adolescents to straighten their teeth, giving them a beautiful and healthy smile for a lifetime.